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Co-founder and CTO of WebServius

Compass Marketing Solutions launches Business Data API

Compass Marketing Solutions has launched its Business Data web API on the WebServius API management platform. The API allows instant and on-demand access to a database of over 16 million business establishments in the USA, with rich information on each business: full address, phone, fax, web address, contact name, annual sales volume, number of employees, […]

New SimpleDB integration features

We’ve added several new features to our Amazon SimpleDB integration solution, giving you even more flexibility to transform your data into the customized public API that you require. Here are the new additions: JSON support To meet the potentially varied needs of your data consumers, in addition to our simplified XML and raw XML formats, […]

Introducing Amazon SimpleDB integration

At WebServius, we are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to monetize data through APIs, with as little effort as possible on the part of data providers. Much of the world’s data is in the form of simple tables with rows and columns (for example, a table of business listings with columns such […]

Mergent launches Corporate Actions and Dividends API

We’re pleased to announce that Mergent has launched its third API offering powered by the WebServius API management platform. The Corporate Actions and Dividends API provides information on corporate actions and events reported by US and Canadian publicly traded companies, including a detailed database of issued and declared dividends. The API allows access to detailed data on […]

API provider overview video

See how WebServius can transform your basic API, allowing you to expose, manage, and monetize your data or functionality in minutes. Many of our features weren’t included in this demo in order to keep it as simple as possible, but we’ll be posting detailed full-length tutorial videos in the future. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and […]

WebServius + BlankSlate: From spreadsheet to fully managed API in 2 minutes

By using BlankSlate and WebServius technologies together, you can turn a spreadsheet of data on your computer into a fully managed public API in literally minutes, and easily charge money for access to this data. For example, you can sell your spreadsheet data for $0.01 per row. The following video shows the entire process: The […]


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