Featured Self-Service API: SpellChecker.net

SpellChecker.netOne of our most powerful features has always been the self-service capability for API providers. It can be used to turn any algorithmic functionality (such as image processing, text processing and more) into an instant revenue source. All you need to do is create an API wrapper around your particular functionality, create a WebServius account, set some pricing rules, and you are fully ready to sign up buyers.

In this post, we would like to highlight one such customer, SpellChecker.net – the algorithmic functionality they’re offering in this case is, of course, spell-checking, and the company is a leader in spell-checking technology for multiple languages. In fact, you may have used their products without even knowing it when using a spell-checker in many web-based applications such as content management systems, email marketing tools, and many others.  The SpellChecker.net API, managed by WebServius, is the next logical step: it allows spell-checking technology to be easily integrated into any application on any platform with great ease and flexibility. SpellChecker.net have integrated their API with WebServius and have set up their free-trial and pay-per-use plans in a completely self-service fashion, without any involvement on our part. Congratulations to them on a successful API launch!

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