WebServius highlighted in Wells Fargo report on tech trends

Wells Fargo Securities (investment banking and capital markets arm of Wells Fargo) has released an equity research report titled Tech 2011: The Shape of Things to Come (PDF), which identifies the top ten industry-shaping ideas impacting the tech sector.

The report focuses on the ongoing technological disruption in both consumer and enterprise markets – with major structural computing changes in mobility, cloud computing, and datacenter transformation rapidly transitioning from early to mainstream adoption. It specifically notes efforts by companies like Oracle, IBM, Dell, Amazon and Groupon in positioning themselves to take advantage of these “big trends” driving the tech market, and highlights the leading role of WebServius in enabling one of these top ten trends, Software as an Answer / Data as a Service (DaaS):

“We think one of the next big trends in cloud computing is data as a service (DaaS). DaaS is a concept where data can be provided as an on demand service regardless of where it resides.

For example, Amazon is now offering a data monetization service through a very interesting privately held company called WebServius. WebServius has a monetization system for data vendors to help them sell rights to interesting structured or semi-structured data.”

A diagram included in the report helps readers further visualize the essential role of WebServius in enabling DaaS and spotlights the way some of our data vendors use WebServius platform to reach data buyers.

The concept of DaaS – whereby data can be delivered as an on-demand service and answers can be provided to specific business questions in real-time –  has always been at the center of the WebServius vision. We view this report as further evidence of the ongoing disruptive change in how valuable data is sold and delivered, as well as a reflection of the rapidly expanding business opportunities this transition brings.

Click here to download the full report.

WebServius DaaS Diagram

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