Introducing the Data Download Tool

Our primary mission is to allow data vendors to increase revenue by selling data in powerful new ways. So far, we have done this by enabling vendors to easily expose their data to application developers through on-demand APIs. However, an equally important scenario is selling data to business end-users, and we are proud to announce a new product addition that allows data vendors to do just that with the usual WebServius ease and flexibility: the Data Download Tool.

A data buyer can now come to a WebServius-powered page (which can be white-labeled), and select any relevant criteria (e.g. “download list of all dentists in San Jose with offices larger than 700 sq.ft.”, or “download list of dividends over $2 issued by US companies in the media vertical between 1997 and 1999”). The tool will display the number of matching records and their price, and will allow the data buyer to instantly pay for the data and download it in a format compatible with Microsoft Excel. This feature is an extension of our Amazon SimpleDB integration, and it is therefore quick and easy to enable both API access and Bulk Download access for the same dataset.

The tool is currently in beta and significant usability and UI improvements are coming soon to make the functionality even more flexible and easy to use.

Contact us if you are interested in a live demo.

Data buyer's view

Vendor's configuration screen

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