New SimpleDB integration features

We’ve added several new features to our Amazon SimpleDB integration solution, giving you even more flexibility to transform your data into the customized public API that you require.

Here are the new additions:

JSON support
To meet the potentially varied needs of your data consumers, in addition to our simplified XML and raw XML formats, JSON is now available as an output format.

XML element ordering
In the simplified XML format, attributes now appear in the same order as they are requested in the SELECT statement.

Default SELECT list
You can specify a list of attributes to be used in the default SELECT clause.

Charge rules for premium attributes
Premium attributes are attributes for which you are charging an additional per-result fee. You can now specify exactly when this fee is applied, based on the data consumer’s query and results:

  • Is the fee applied to a result if the attribute returned is Null?
  • Is the fee applied if the attribute is used in the WHERE clause but is not itself returned in the results?

These rules can be configured by domain or by individual attribute. For example, you may want to charge extra for the attribute Phone only if it’s used in the SELECT clause, but you may want to charge for the attribute CreditScore in all cases, even if it’s only used in the WHERE clause to filter the results.

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