Introducing Amazon SimpleDB integration

At WebServius, we are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to monetize data through APIs, with as little effort as possible on the part of data providers. Much of the world’s data is in the form of simple tables with rows and columns (for example, a table of business listings with columns such as “name”, “address”, “phone number”, “fax” and “industry code”).  Amazon’s SimpleDB service provides a great way to store such data in the cloud and access it through RESTful APIs, but until now there wasn’t an easy way to expose such APIs to third parties in a controlled way, especially if you wanted to charge for access to the data.

We are excited to announce that starting today, any data stored in Amazon’s SimpleDB service can be turned into a fully managed and monetized public API within minutes. For example, you can store a database of a million business listings in SimpleDB, connect it to WebServius, and configure the system to allow free access to anyone for up to 100 records per month and charge $0.01 per record thereafter – or any other pricing plan you choose to configure. As usual, we take care of user signup, usage metering, billing and more.

In addition to our standard API management features, we’ve added features specifically to help you customize your public SimpleDB API:

  • You can easily set up pricing per row of data (i.e. per SimpleDB item). For example, if you are selling business listings for direct marketing purposes, you can easily set the price at $0.01 per listing retrieved.
  • You can designate certain columns of data (i.e. SimpleDB attributes) as “premium”, and charge more when these attributes are retrieved or used in queries. For example, if you are selling business listings, you can designate the “fax” column as premium and set the price to an additional $0.02 per record when that column is retrieved.
  • You can easily sell multiple tables of data (i.e. SimpleDB domains). For example, if you have a table of business listings and a table of contacts (name, title and contact information) for each listing, you can sell data from both tables and customize pricing for each one.

Take a look at our video showing a simple integration example:

If you’re looking for an easy yet robust way to offer tabular data as an on-demand free or paid API, we believe that this solution is for you. The SimpleDB Integration feature is ready to use now through our self-service control panel (simply create a free account and choose “Amazon SimpleDB” as the Service Type when creating a new service). If you require any additional information, or if you’d like some help with uploading your tabular data (for example, in CSV or flat-file formats) to SimpleDB, feel free to contact us at to discuss your specific requirements.


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